Kids’ Clothing Week, Project 1


t’s my third Charlie Tunic. I can’t stop making clothes with Rae’s patterns. I know they will turn out well.

the main fabric is by Kaffe Fasset, and the coordinating fabric is Yuwa Sweet Grid, leftover from the Rainbow Dress, also by Rae, that I have yet to finish. (My girl grows fast!)

I have a sewing room now, and my three-year old loves to be invited in. She selected the fabric, calling it “crayons”, and I found pattern that worked with my scant 1 yard of fabric.


Easter Bonnet

I finished the bonnet in time for Easter, but the kitty doll’s still in pieces.

Up next, some bibs for my sister-in-law’s wedding, and maybe a matching bonnet. I want to add some ribbons to the closure in my dress for the rehearsal dinner. Hmm.


I Can’t Help It

I’m a cat person. The baby is getting the kitty version for Easter instead of the bunny. We have a gray tabby, so I couldn’t resist.

Denyse Schmidt Quilts Collection at Jo-Ann

This is what I found today at the Perring Plaza Jo-Ann in Parkville, MD. Detailed post coming shortly.


M came over for lunch and crafting. She managed to handsew some beautiful flowers despite my obnoxious cats. I cut out 2 bonnet peices. Sigh.

But I think I was inspired by M’s industriousness, because later I persevered and now the bonnet is all done. Well, I need to get some ribbon, but the hard parts are done.


Secret Stash

I am starting to worry that I will never want to use some of my fabric stash. Maybe that is common among Heather Ross fans. Her fabric is so collectible that now some of my HR fabric has doubled or tripled in price. I sometimes feel like trading some of it away, but I know I can’t foresee all the projects I will make for Ivy, so I don’t want to give any away, or even use any!

I just realized that the Anna Maria Horner pastry stripe voiles have been re-issued (reprinted? not sure of the terminology here), but without the charming dobby dots. So that yardage has become hard for me to use, too.

My remedy is two-fold: First, I am trying to use my other fabrics, and just make more things. I’m hoping that when I feel more confident about my sewing, I will be more willing to cut my most prized fabrics. The second thing is that I should realize baby items use very little fabric and just go for it with some of my stash.

Back, with a Baby

Baby Ivy was born just about six months ago. She is the best ever.

Me & Baby Ivy

Me & Baby Ivy

I have been working on reorganizing all my craft materials and actually making things. Here’s what I am working on now:

Easter bonnet, from Amy Karol’s Mailorder pattern

Bunny, pattern not yet decided, probably something from Wee Wonderfuls. Maybe I’ll handsew this one (!) when M visits this week.

Bunny I made in 2009

The peeps banner at Dana Made It. I just found the template for it that I printed out last year. It seems like yesterday. Hmm, now that I look at this, I may not have time. We shall see.