When I’m asked how I know someone, I am sometimes shocked at my own response, for as often as not it’s something like, “We met in eighth grade.” Woah! With those friends, the grown-up version has of course replaced the teenage version in my mind, and I don’t think about the shaky days of new friendship much. And, honestly, I don’t make new friends very often these days.

But when there is a new friend, I revel in the refreshing thrill. And having the new friend visit your home for the first time is a red-letter occasion. I was lucky enough to have that experience on Sunday, and it was a breezy, sunny spring day to boot.

M is a new friend in comparison to my other friends; we’ve known each other for a year and a half and she’s been sweet enough to invite me over several times. The obligations of life, the blizzards of this winter, and maybe dust-bunnies, kept her from visiting me until now.

For lunch, we had:

deviled eggs with smoky paprika

pasta salad with pine nuts and arugula

and crustless cucumber sandwiches

with minty, lemony iced-tea.

Strawberries and poundcake

For dessert we had:

poundcake with fresh strawberries and mint

and lime meltaway cookies.

We swapped stories and plans, and I remembered to give M some vintage buttons. A success! I’m so glad we have all spring and summer to visit each other and sit outside!