Christmas Stichette

I love embroidery. About five years ago, I started to come across embroidered items in thrift shops and they seemed so precious. I could sense the time that was spent on such small motifs. I began embroidering after picking up “Doodle Stitching” for my nieces for a holiday present in the winter of 2008. I read it on the drive to Pennsylvania, and I kept reading it even after I had given it to them! By January I was practicing a few stitches, and my mother showed me the French knot and gave me a stamped pillow-case kit she had stashed somewhere.

I’ve been a bit slower in my embroidery lately, and only just finished this piece I began Christmas week! It’s from Wee Wonderfuls. I don’t think I see it there now, but I bet Hilary will sell it again next winter.

This post’s title comes from the fact that embroidery takes a very long time!