There is a semi-annual rummage sale in Baltimore that I am crazy about. I limited myself this year, but I think I still got some amazing things.

Almost Everything

This shows nearly everything. I swear.

Inside the Box

But, yes, the boxes are quite full! I did give some of it away to friends.

Front of Box

I am so glad I spotted this! I thought I could find a good use for it, and I did. Now I have a little embroidery station by the sofa, and it locks so the cats can’t get in.

Crewel Trees

I could not resist this for 25 cents. It would take me an age to complete something like this. I love crewel so much. I need to do more of it.

Mirror Ball

This was $4. I have no idea where it can safely live in my house, so it’s in the basement right now. I will find a spot soon, I swear.