I recently went to Northampton and Boston. I had my first ever business trip, and got lots of relaxing time with old friends, too. First up, Northampton, where I went to college. I got to see the beginnings of S’s plot in the community garden. Really, Massachusetts isn’t cold year-round! Just look.

Community Garden

Nest was Boston. I really didn’t take many photos after that, I was too busy catching up and then boiling water after an enormous water mail broke and the water was deemed contaminated.

I do have some news to share now: I’m expecting a baby in late September. When I was in Boston, I just had to go thrifting with my friend E. We met in seventh grade, and we’ve probably spent hundreds of hours together in the thrift shops of the east coast. I had just found out that the baby should be a girl, so we thrifted for clothes.

Boston Haul in suitcase

Yes, that is a tiny Captain’s jacket in the front. I actually had to buy that suitcase for $2 in order to bring it all home. I was on SouthWest, a civilized airline, so I could bring back two suitcases with no charge.

Craft Gifts

S gave me some crafty supplies as a “hey, you’re pregnant” gift. What a good idea. I’ll admit I bought some of the items above. I can’t resist Essentials in Northampton. I bought a set of alphabet stamps there about thirteen years ago and although it felt expensive at the time, I’ve used them to death.