I am starting to worry that I will never want to use some of my fabric stash. Maybe that is common among Heather Ross fans. Her fabric is so collectible that now some of my HR fabric has doubled or tripled in price. I sometimes feel like trading some of it away, but I know I can’t foresee all the projects I will make for Ivy, so I don’t want to give any away, or even use any!

I just realized that the Anna Maria Horner pastry stripe voiles have been re-issued (reprinted? not sure of the terminology here), but without the charming dobby dots. So that yardage has become hard for me to use, too.

My remedy is two-fold: First, I am trying to use my other fabrics, and just make more things. I’m hoping that when I feel more confident about my sewing, I will be more willing to cut my most prized fabrics. The second thing is that I should realize baby items use very little fabric and just go for it with some of my stash.