Wee Wonderfuls Pattern Review

Hillary Lang of Wee Wonderfuls makes adorable patterns that are sophisticated enough for giving to adults as well as children. You can find embroidery, cross-stitch, machine and hand-sewing patterns in her shop.

Kitty Doll

Kitty Doll

I bought her Kitty, Bunny, and Bear 3-in-1 Pattern to make for an adult friend’s birthday. I purchased this pattern as a sturdy booklet with full-size pattern pieces to trace, although I see that the booklet is out of stock at the moment, and only the PDF is currently available.

The booklet is inspiring, with two interior pages of full-color photographs showing the process and details of the finished products. The front and back covers have photographs of completed kitty, bunny, and bear dolls. Hillary’s clear instructions include helpful advice about fabric selection and the few trickier steps in making the doll, such as turning it right-side out after machine sewing. This 3-in-1 pattern gives you three options of collars, shoes, and of course, three types of animals.

Hillary’s pattern made the process very straightforward. In fact, the toughest moments were choosing my materials and the expression to embroider on kitty’s face. I ended up going with the same expression Hillary used on the sample. It’s great to have the little booklet with you while you do the embroidery, because you can consult a full-color images without having to get on the internet. A much cozier experience.

Kitty Waiting for a Face

Kitty Waiting for a Face

I would highly recommend this pattern to a beginning doll-maker, though familiarity with a sewing machine and embroidery would be very helpful.

For further ideas on color and expression choices for your doll, be sure to consult the flickr pool of people who have made this pattern.

Hillary’s first book, Wee Wonderfuls: 24 Dolls to Sew and Love is coming out on August 1. I can’t wait!



I recently went to Northampton and Boston. I had my first ever business trip, and got lots of relaxing time with old friends, too. First up, Northampton, where I went to college. I got to see the beginnings of S’s plot in the community garden. Really, Massachusetts isn’t cold year-round! Just look.

Community Garden

Nest was Boston. I really didn’t take many photos after that, I was too busy catching up and then boiling water after an enormous water mail broke and the water was deemed contaminated.

I do have some news to share now: I’m expecting a baby in late September. When I was in Boston, I just had to go thrifting with my friend E. We met in seventh grade, and we’ve probably spent hundreds of hours together in the thrift shops of the east coast. I had just found out that the baby should be a girl, so we thrifted for clothes.

Boston Haul in suitcase

Yes, that is a tiny Captain’s jacket in the front. I actually had to buy that suitcase for $2 in order to bring it all home. I was on SouthWest, a civilized airline, so I could bring back two suitcases with no charge.

Craft Gifts

S gave me some crafty supplies as a “hey, you’re pregnant” gift. What a good idea. I’ll admit I bought some of the items above. I can’t resist Essentials in Northampton. I bought a set of alphabet stamps there about thirteen years ago and although it felt expensive at the time, I’ve used them to death.

Rummage Sale Haul

There is a semi-annual rummage sale in Baltimore that I am crazy about. I limited myself this year, but I think I still got some amazing things.

Almost Everything

This shows nearly everything. I swear.

Inside the Box

But, yes, the boxes are quite full! I did give some of it away to friends.

Front of Box

I am so glad I spotted this! I thought I could find a good use for it, and I did. Now I have a little embroidery station by the sofa, and it locks so the cats can’t get in.

Crewel Trees

I could not resist this for 25 cents. It would take me an age to complete something like this. I love crewel so much. I need to do more of it.

Mirror Ball

This was $4. I have no idea where it can safely live in my house, so it’s in the basement right now. I will find a spot soon, I swear.

And I’m back

Whew, sorry to be so long away. Good news, though: I have enrolled in Diane Gilleland’s Craft Blog Tune-Up. It starts next week and I am very excited, since I’ve long been a fan of the way Diane approaches the way people share crafty communication. As far as I can see, she is one of the only people tackling this subject. I first encountered her when I started listening to CraftyPod about two years ago, and I’ve grown to appreciate her other outlets.

So! Who knows what changes we will see- right here!


One of the things I did while I was away was to visit Charlotte in April. The weather was wonderful, and we got to eat outside and drive around with the top down on a car we borrowed. Ahh.

Dinner Outside

We also looked at wedding dresses for my sister-in-law. I had to sneak this photo of a Reem-Acra dress, although she didn’t try it on. Makes me want to get married all over again. I did wear a white and silver dress, but it was the only one I found back then, and this one is just so gorgeous.

Reem Acra Wedding Dress

Other delights we saw:

Fluffy Vine

Garden Door

Embroidery Appreciation

Christmas Stichette

I love embroidery. About five years ago, I started to come across embroidered items in thrift shops and they seemed so precious. I could sense the time that was spent on such small motifs. I began embroidering after picking up “Doodle Stitching” for my nieces for a holiday present in the winter of 2008. I read it on the drive to Pennsylvania, and I kept reading it even after I had given it to them! By January I was practicing a few stitches, and my mother showed me the French knot and gave me a stamped pillow-case kit she had stashed somewhere.

I’ve been a bit slower in my embroidery lately, and only just finished this piece I began Christmas week! It’s from Wee Wonderfuls. I don’t think I see it there now, but I bet Hilary will sell it again next winter.

This post’s title comes from the fact that embroidery takes a very long time!

Monumental Prints

Monument Fabric

If you know Baltimore at all, you may recognize this scene.

It’s the Washington Monument in Mount Vernon!

I will admit that I overlooked this amazing fabric, which upholsters the cushions in my office, for months before I recognized it. I long to find more or reprint it, but I don’t even know what I could use it for!